Benefits of a Flexible Workforce

18 Mar

By: Markus Witcomb

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Benefits of Flexible Working

Flexible working should no longer be a luxury in the office, instead, a necessity that benefits everyone. Being able to work from home can help improve your work life balance and productivity. Cloud solutions provide easy to use options that can help businesses put this in place.

Flexible working enables you and fellow employees to work from any location (home, commuting or working aboard). Many people can find it stressful travelling to other cities everyday due to long commutes or managing childcare and it can often create a negative mood before they step into the office. The main benefit of a cloud solution is the ability to work from home whilst having access to office based systems and documents.

Cloud based solutions allow employees to collaborate on documents with other employees whilst in different locations, allowing team projects to work across multiple locations effectively, improving productivity in the office and helping to complete tasks faster. Some solutions allow you to work simultaneously on the same document with colleagues, significantly decreasing the amount of time it can take to complete.

Cloud solutions in the past has been known for being unreliable, over time, they have improved greatly and provide reliable options for businesses of any size to adopt. Today such solutions can integrate with numerous platforms, making it easier for people to work anywhere at any time on multiple devices (mobile, laptop or tablet).

Having the option to work from home can improve employee well-being due to an improved work life balance and is frequently in the top 5 desired work benefits when looking for a job. Many people also find they have less distractions leading to a more productive working day. Plus, it enables businesses the ability to manage any external issues that may arise more easily, reducing the possible number of working hours lost e.g. public transport strikes and severe weather, removing the need for employees to rearrange their commute.

In the long run, having happier employees improves the productivity in your company and the bottom line, helping your business grow every day.

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