Don’t Reboot IT, Hot Patch IT

25 Mar

By: Markus Witcomb

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What the heck is Hot Patching?

Our managed business solutions constitute an environment of choice for many customers.

For such critical systems, these customers demand high availability and assume the industry standard of “five nines” (99.999%) reliability.

It is important to avoid service interruptions when installing updates on the operating system of such critical systems.

Hotpatching provides a mechanism to:

  • Update system files without rebooting.
  • Update system files without stopping services and processes.

Hotpatching is part of our reboot reduction initiative, which seeks to help minimise the need for a full system reboot after installing updates.

Reducing reboots is important because IT departments in many organisations implement a time-consuming test cycle every time an update is installed and the system is rebooted.

This results in loss of productivity and revenue to the organisation until their system is fully verified and operational. Hotpatching allows customers to deploy important updates and patches in a timely, transparent manner without requiring a full system shutdown and restart.

This reduces their rollout time.

To understand how we can ensure your server and application availability is kept to the 5-nine principle, give us a call.

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