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12 Apr

By: Markus Witcomb

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In the modern world we all rely on our IT infrastructure. Be that for business or leisure, the simple fact is we are all reliant on the internet or at the very least internal networking. If these don’t work things grind to a halt quickly.

Traditional IT support has come in the form of break/fix support, where customers contact their support provider or team when things go wrong. That is a recipe for down time every time an issue arises. Some providers will pull logs on a site visit but even then they only gleam a snapshot of the state of the network. This level of support is often an entry level product for smaller businesses offered by IT Solutions providers.

At QAIST we think differently we believe every business deserves enterprise level IT Solutions. This doesn’t depend on hardware this depends on the advice and support you receive from your Solutions provider. If hardware is required this can be provided on a managed basis, reducing capital expenditure. But the main crux of our support offering is monitored support with issues being resolved sometimes before you know they have occurred. Many people would argue that this is an expensive option requiring specific hardware and tools. We do use specialist tools, but the cost does not need to break the bank, we leverage our relationships with our partners and our buying power to benefit businesses of all sizes. Our monitored support enables us to proactively chases problems, and fix minor issues with no increased cost for our customer.

An additional benefit of our monitor support is the network reports which can be generated these include Hardware and Software Inventory Summaries, Server and Workstation Health Summaries, and crucially given the degree of Security Threats currently circulating a Windows Security Audit which identifies missing security updates, weak passwords and firewall and access vulnerabilities.

We can also offer Managed Services this brings to bear the full potential of Hardware as a Service (HaaS). Using HaaS your organisation ensures hardware is replaced and kept up to date with no capital expenditure. The cost is included in the monthly support and all Managed services are automatically placed on our monitored support systems to maximise up time.

Once again this a prime example of how outsourced IT can benefit your business.

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