Stepping up to the Digital Business Challenge

14 Mar

By: Markus Witcomb

Cloud Solutions / IT Security / IT Support

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The convergence of cloud, mobile, big data analytics and IoT has led to a dramatic increase in complexity, disrupted legacy IT infrastructures, and escalated fears over data security. To keep pace with digitally empowered employees, business ecosystems and customers alike, IT leaders are re-thinking the way business is done in today’s digital economy.

According to a recent survey, businesses (no matter their size) that successfully adapt in today’s digital world are 28 percent more profitable than their industry peers, driving new levels of productivity and efficiency.

Just a few months ago I was catching up with one of my clients in Manchester, and they shared some insights and lessons learned from their decision to “go digital”.

Here are just a few of those insights:

Outstanding Experience is key

The convergence of Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data has dramatically increased employee and customer expectations for engagement and experience. Savvy businesses recognise that these technologies can also be harnessed to create a new, real-time and informed engagement models that deliver superior experiences at affordable costs.

We got away from being back office support people and really got to know the business better and spent time with our clinicians to really understand what the workflow was and where there were opportunities for IT to come in and complement the business.

We were continually under pressure to do more with a lot less

In response to digitize its business, and to not only saving thousands each financial year, but also to dramatically improving workforce productivity, engagement and satisfaction, through utilisation of virtualization, mobility and file sharing, they transformed their IT services model to deliver a robust, secure end experience to office & remote employees.

It’s my job to look at the Cloud, look at the new technologies, whether that be mobile, unified communications, even all our existing infrastructure and figure out how to maximize the value of what we can deliver and how to lower our cost at the same time

Business Dexterity is Fundamental for Managing Growth & Expansion

Traditional industry boundaries and long-held business models are tumbling down, paving a path for entirely new growth prospects. Whether a company is expanding its footprint through takeovers, extending its reach through mutually beneficial ecosystem partnerships, or integrating products and services into new industry solutions, the ability to quickly identify and seize new opportunities is a critical success factor in today’s digital world.

Keeping up [with] technology will enable our business to hit those emerging platforms, those emerging markets, and do what the business is about – make money for our investors.

Going Digital Can Really Increase Security

There are some industries and companies for which cyber-security is critical. And then there are others where it’s existential, not just for protecting data, but protecting livelihoods – and life itself. Whilst we acknowledge the dark side of the digital economy, we also believe that investments in cyber-security measures will ultimately reap business rewards and reveal new business opportunities.

Cyber’s certainly changing the way we do business, and it’s changing the way we look at technology. At face value it’s more difficult. Personally, I think that it’s going to bring a lot of great opportunity for us as technologists. There’re so many innovative technologies that are emerging because of the cyber world we live in, it’s just going to make more opportunity for us to create more innovative platforms and services to provide the business so that they can mobilize their workforce. They can emerge into new markets. And they can just provide a higher quality product to their clients.

We wanted to be seen to be Digital Leaders in our Industry

We exemplify what it takes to say YES to Digital Business in an era that holds tremendous promise for some – and disruption and displacement for others. Choosing the right IT partner to of guided us through the process and more importantly the business transition, with minimal impact to how we do our business was key.

We are pleased that we have a great business relationship with QAIST and the support we receive to ensure that our business is not affected by any downtime, maintenance or required upgrades to keep our business and staff safe wherever they may need to work.


As I meet with new customers, I realise businesses want to leverage virtualisation, networking, and secure file sharing to re-think how their business and their employees work. It’s a real exciting time to jump on-board the Digital train and encompass the freedom it brings and also the overall reduction in IT costs.

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