5 damn good reasons why you should choose Desktop-As-A-Service

13 Jul

By: Markus Witcomb

Desktop Virtualisation

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More and more business owners are choosing Desktop-as-a-Service for small business. Desktop outsourcing is a $30 billion market, and analysts predict this figure will grow as more managed service providers (MSPs) host virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Desktop-as-a-Service, or DaaS, has major benefits for the small business, including easier desktop management, reduced hardware, and increased mobility. It is an ideal choice for companies that want to simplify IT infrastructure and reduce technology costs in the long run.

When you choose Desktop-as-a-Service for small business, a cloud service provider hosts the back-end of your virtual desktop infrastructure.

Your DaaS provider is in charge of hosting and maintaining your computer, storage, and access infrastructure, as well as the applications and application software licenses you need to run your organization. A DaaS subscription is customized to your needs, and scalable to grow with your business.

The Desktop-as-a-Service for small business provider handles all of the back-end matters, plus any additional applications, security, or managed services you choose to add to your agreement.
If you’re not already convinced, here are 5 reasons to choose Desktop-as-a-Service for small business:

1. IT Flexibility

During the early stages of small business development, it can be difficult to predict your exact IT needs. Desktop-as-a-Service for small business lets business owners buy only the infrastructure and services they need, and then add or remove hosted desktops as month by month. In a conventional on-premise IT model, servers and hardware are bound to breakdown or become outdated. When this happens, a company either has to replace costly equipment entirely, or make time-consuming repairs and upgrades; which end up stalling business.

With DaaS, upgrades can be performed remotely, and the DaaS provider manages resource provisioning, load balancing, and more. In short, you don’t need an IT team to maintain your network.

Your MSP serves as an experienced, dedicated, on-call technical support team, responding to issues as they arise. And if you do have IT staff, they can be freed to spend their valuable time training employees, optimizing your network and applications, assisting with website deployment, and more.

2. Increase Security & Compliance

Desktop-as-a-Service for small business can provide highly secure remote connections. PCs and hard drives have always been vulnerable, but a virtual desktop cannot be hacked, lost, or stolen. With DaaS, sensitive information is stored in a secure, compliant cloud infrastructure built on enterprise-class hardware. Because data is never stored on a device, you can rest easy even if a phone or tablet is lost or compromised.

With daily backups, fully encrypted communication, and secure, compliant data centers, DaaS is able to provide the best data protection possible. DaaS utilizes centralized updates, ongoing data backup, and synchronization that automates compliance and security. Plus, your disaster recovery strategy is managed and carried out by the DaaS provider, ensuring that your business can keep running in the event of a disaster.

3. Cost Efficiencies

A significant reduction in IT spending is one of the biggest advantages of Desktop-as-a-Service for small business. Traditional desktop computer infrastructures are expensive, maintenance-heavy, and require regular upgrades and investments to keep up with changing technology. With a DaaS deployment, you can reuse existing hardware, and don’t have to upgrade servers, desktops, or laptop estates.

Small and mediums sized businesses and startups need to keep their IT budgets lean so they can use funds to develop products and services, and grow their companies.  Desktop-as-a-Service for small business means you can avoid the upfront capital costs of on-premise VDI, and instead pay a flexible monthly subscription fee for only the services you need to support your team.

4. Employee Mobility

There is growing demand for mobility in the millienial workforce. Desktop-as-a-Service for small business supports a “Bring Your Own Device,” or BYOD, policy. DaaS is compatible with employees’ personal laptops and mobile devices, allowing them to securely access work applications and data from anywhere.

The DaaS virtual desktop, including all data and applications, is hosted in the cloud and run on an off-premise, highly secure server. Your teams can access their business and communications tools on demand, from any device, with a fast, fully supported desktop experience anywhere they go. And there’s more: Increasing business mobility will also improve employee workflow, efficiency, and productivity.

5. High Performance

Desktop-as-a-Service for small business is the best way to ensure maximum uptime because your system will be supported by data centers with redundant power supplies and reliable Internet connectivity. A cloud based desktop accesses multiple servers to function as one unit for storage and processing.

These servers can be customized with firewalls, load balancing, and other performance features. And when you need to increase memory or upgrade a processor, all you have to do is ask.

A DaaS provider will be dedicated to optimizing your virtual desktop performance because that is their job; their success as a business depends on keeping your data and applications fast, accessible, and secure.


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