11 Apr
Would your network pass a PCI DSS assessment?

The hospitality industry is a notoriously easy target for cyber criminals and attackers, who are lured by the lucrative rewards offered by taking advantage of point-of-sale (POS) systems, the high volume of transactions, hotel loyalty programmes and booking databases. Read More “Would your network pass a PCI DSS assessment?”

04 Apr
Vulnerability Assessment vs Penetration Testing

Knowing the difference between vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is critical when hiring an IT Consultancy to perform a security assessment. In this blog, we explore the differences between these two processes, as well as how they can be combined to achieve a more complete vulnerability analysis for protecting your organisation from potential risks. Read More “Vulnerability Assessment vs Penetration Testing”

01 Apr
How Free Customer WiFi Benefits your Business

How Free Customer WiFi Benefits your Business

Coffee shops, Fast food chains, Hotels …you name it. Top grossing businesses around the UK are starting to realise the importance of offering free customer WiFi. If utilised correctly, you just may have the advantage of not only pleasing your customers, but creating loyalty and increasing revenue. Read More “How Free Customer WiFi Benefits your Business”

25 Mar
Don’t Reboot IT, Hot Patch IT

What the heck is Hot Patching?

Our managed business solutions constitute an environment of choice for many customers. Read More “Don’t Reboot IT, Hot Patch IT”

18 Mar
Benefits of a Flexible Workforce

Benefits of Flexible Working

Flexible working should no longer be a luxury in the office, instead, a necessity that benefits everyone. Being able to work from home can help improve your work life balance and productivity. Cloud solutions provide easy to use options that can help businesses put this in place. Read More “Benefits of a Flexible Workforce”