10 May
How real-time analytics leads to competitive advantages

Big data helps organisations sharpen their batch reporting with the addition of unstructured data, which combines with traditional structured data to produce a more complete picture of what goes on in a business over a specific period of time. These useful reports enable decision makers to more accurately respond to situational trends. Read More “How real-time analytics leads to competitive advantages”

10 May
How small-to-mid-sized companies should tackle security

While small-to-mid sized businesses (SMB) don’t have the luxury of information security teams and resources that large enterprises can afford, they still face many of the same ‘Sale’ sign that greets shoppers in London. Read More “How small-to-mid-sized companies should tackle security”

06 May
Why you should perform a regular IT Vulnerability & Threat Assessment

It will never happen to us!

Enterprises that implement a vulnerability management process will experience 90% fewer successful attacks… Gartner, Predictions for IT Security Directors

While it’s no secret that identifying and correcting network security holes is critical to protecting any business from harmful attacks, the process of vulnerability assessment and remediation often gets overlooked as a critical component of sound security practices. Read More “Why you should perform a regular IT Vulnerability & Threat Assessment”

12 Apr
There’s Support and then There’s QAIST Support

In the modern world we all rely on our IT infrastructure. Be that for business or leisure, the simple fact is we are all reliant on the internet or at the very least internal networking. If these don’t work things grind to a halt quickly. Read More “There’s Support and then There’s QAIST Support”

11 Apr
Would your network pass a PCI DSS assessment?

The hospitality industry is a notoriously easy target for cyber criminals and attackers, who are lured by the lucrative rewards offered by taking advantage of point-of-sale (POS) systems, the high volume of transactions, hotel loyalty programmes and booking databases. Read More “Would your network pass a PCI DSS assessment?”