12 Feb
What’s New in Server Protection

By the end of February, Windows servers protected with Sophos Central Server Protection Advanced will have new ransomware-stopping capabilities, while also participating in Synchronized Security™. When combined with Sophos XG Firewall, Heartbeat for Servers provides a compelling proposition: Enhanced threat detection, positive identification of compromised servers, and automated response. Read More “What’s New in Server Protection”

23 May
Most common small business security threats that are faced

Cyber-crime isn’t only a problem for big businesses. Here’s Simon Hughes’s picks of the top five small-business security threats.

With the amount of media coverage that recent data breaches such as those experienced by the likes of eBay, Evernote and Domino’s Pizza quite rightly attract, you may be forgiven for thinking that cyber-crime is a big-business problem. Read More “Most common small business security threats that are faced”

10 May
Layered security and why you need to consider IT

Sometimes it seems like everybody talks about “layered security”, “layered defense”, or “defense in depth”, but nobody really knows what it means. The three phrases are often used interchangeably — but just as often, someone will use two of them to mean completely different things. Read More “Layered security and why you need to consider IT”

10 May
How small-to-mid-sized companies should tackle security

While small-to-mid sized businesses (SMB) don’t have the luxury of information security teams and resources that large enterprises can afford, they still face many of the same ‘Sale’ sign that greets shoppers in London. Read More “How small-to-mid-sized companies should tackle security”

06 May
Why you should perform a regular IT Vulnerability & Threat Assessment

It will never happen to us!

Enterprises that implement a vulnerability management process will experience 90% fewer successful attacks… Gartner, Predictions for IT Security Directors

While it’s no secret that identifying and correcting network security holes is critical to protecting any business from harmful attacks, the process of vulnerability assessment and remediation often gets overlooked as a critical component of sound security practices. Read More “Why you should perform a regular IT Vulnerability & Threat Assessment”

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