29 Mar
But please don't take our data with you.
Protecting your business assets when an employee leaves

When someone leaves your company, the HR department (or your “HR” function) is quick to grab the employee’s laptop. But what about the data on other equipment? How can you know what’s on their mobile devices? Does anyone know to which websites and cloud-based software the employee has access? Read More “Protecting your business assets when an employee leaves”

22 Mar
3 Myths about Managed IT Services

The term “Managed IT Services” may be a newer one for your business. Traditionally, most small to mid-sized businesses either outsource occasional IT-related tasks to a local company or they rely solely on their internal IT staff to handle everything technology-related. The good news? There is a better, more cost-efficient way to ensure your IT needs are being completely taken care of. Read More “3 Myths about Managed IT Services”

14 Mar
Stepping up to the Digital Business Challenge

The convergence of cloud, mobile, big data analytics and IoT has led to a dramatic increase in complexity, disrupted legacy IT infrastructures, and escalated fears over data security. To keep pace with digitally empowered employees, business ecosystems and customers alike, IT leaders are re-thinking the way business is done in today’s digital economy. Read More “Stepping up to the Digital Business Challenge”

02 Jun
To patch or not to patch, that is the question.

Our systems are working fine as they are, so we have no need to install patches. Right?

It seems like a silly question, not to mention an easy challenge to win. You may be surprised – especially when it comes to the IT security necessity of patch management. Read More “To patch or not to patch, that is the question.”

12 Apr
There’s Support and then There’s QAIST Support

In the modern world we all rely on our IT infrastructure. Be that for business or leisure, the simple fact is we are all reliant on the internet or at the very least internal networking. If these don’t work things grind to a halt quickly. Read More “There’s Support and then There’s QAIST Support”

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