01 Apr
How Free Customer WiFi Benefits your Business

How Free Customer WiFi Benefits your Business

Coffee shops, Fast food chains, Hotels …you name it. Top grossing businesses around the UK are starting to realise the importance of offering free customer WiFi. If utilised correctly, you just may have the advantage of not only pleasing your customers, but creating loyalty and increasing revenue. Read More “How Free Customer WiFi Benefits your Business”

16 Mar
Technology Patterns That Are Changing Hospitality

​In the evolution of the hotel business, the guest is the driver and the dominant change in guest behaviour in recent years has undoubtedly been in the realm of technology. Guests are increasingly tech-savvy leading them to demand higher and higher standards. These fast-changing standards are increasingly difficult for hotels to reach. But they are a key factor in guest choice. Read More “Technology Patterns That Are Changing Hospitality”