Full Data Sharing

Project Description


Most of the major High Street Banks had already met the deadline to enable lenders access to customers full credit information when assessing their loan applications.

The establishment of Full Data Sharing as a Retail Mandatory Programme for RBSG will ensure that the Bank is compliant.

Customer : Royal Bank of Scotland
Location: Edinburgh
Duration: 6 momths
Status : Completed
Live demo :
Tags : banking

With the introduction of testing techniques to ensure that the minimum number of test cases were produced whilst still ensuring that the requirements coverage was met, we managed to deliver the testing 4 weeks ahead of schedule, allowing the Bank to pilot the software on a pre-production platform.

Working closely with the in-house test resources we ensured that all aspects of testing were closely undertaken with the Business users to provide a smooth transition of tests from 3rd party supplier to the UAT environment.

As part of the UAT test phase, QAIST managed the relationship with the Credit Reference Agencies, namely Experian, Call Credit and Equifax, to ensure that a full end to end test process could be completed.

QAIST brought specialist resource to help define and support the complex IT environment that was required to support the Integration and UAT test phases, making sure, that any data items that were used from Production databases were suitably masked.

Leading the client in-house testers we supported the projects in meeting its commitment to the BBA and delivered a high profile and mandatory project ahead of schedule allowing the Bank to pilot the application for almost 4 weeks prior to the legislative data.

  • Bank delivered the legislative changes to market ahead of schedule and to budget
  • Supported a pilot phase to allow the Bank to trial run the application on a Clone Production environment
  • Introduction of risk based techniques to ensure maximum coverage of requirements
  • Complimented the in-house test team with test specialists.