Infrastructure Upgrade

Project Description

Zurich had made a major commitment to its customers in providing a more effective customer service to insurance claims processing throughout the UK and Europe.

In order to be able to provide such a commitment, Zurich had invested in new centralised infrastructure in which to support the new applications utilizing new technologies from its incumbent IT provider IBM.

Customer : Zurich
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Duration: 12 months
Status : Completed
Live demo :
Tags : insurance, infrastructure

The objective’s were to ensure that the shared platform could support the intended peak transactions to provide assurances on the platforms growth over the next 12-18 months and govern performance capabilities of those individual application in ensuring that the platform will not be affected.

The focus was to produce an approach that was aimed at ensuring the platform could independently support the expected transactions and then support a series of cohabitation performance tests that would ensure that individual applications would not have an adverse effect on the shared platform.

QAIST supported the demanding schedule to deliver a performance testing solution that verified the capability of the new shared platform.

We also introduced new testing practices and guidelines on how to manage performance awareness within the organisation which would enable Zurich not only to support the shared platform but also individual projects that required performance testing activities.

Working with the in-house testing resources and the introduction of specialised performance consultants, we were able to deliver a testing solution that enabled Zurich to re-run the performance test-ware following upgrades to the shared platform post our engagement.

  • Best practice guidelines in performance awareness and test implementation
  • Wide visibility on benefits of early performance analysis
  • Strategic performance plan to support future performance activities
  • Guidelines and templates for use in Rational Performance Tester and Load Runner
  • Re-usable set of performance test assets to support future application versions